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Mundial 270-8SR 8" Industrial Serra Sharp Dressmaker Shears

Mundial 270-8SR 8" Industrial Serra Sharp Dressmaker Shears

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    Why Buy From Miss Marples Craft
    • Red enameled handles for a comfortable, sure-grip
    • Hot drop forged and nickel-plated construction for the most durable performance
    • Strong, long-lasting blades for easy resharpening and a clean cut every time; micro-serrated bottom blade
    • 8" length, 3 1/2" cut
    • wide range of cutting tasks
    • able to cut through the fabric of many weights
    • designed with bent or offset handles so that whatever is being cut does not have to be lifted off the cutting surface
    • ensures the shears do not harm the cutting surface


    Care and Use Tips
    for a Lifetime of Performance Properly cared for, quality scissors and shears will last for many years. Here are a few tips on the care and use of Mundial scissors and shears.

    To clean blades, wipe them after each use with a clean, soft cloth; do not use water.
    • Use the right scissors or shears for each job.
    • Oil the pivot screw on scissors and shears every few months. Place a drop of oil on the screw, open and close a few times and wipe off excess oil.
    • Never force a cut. If scissors cannot complete the cut, stop cutting. Cut heavy materials near the pivot, not near the tips of the blades.
    • Cut carefully; hitting metal or plastic objects can cause nicks in the blades, damaging them and minimizing their cutting effectiveness.
    • Handle carefully; dropping scissors can knock them out of alignment, reducing cutting accuracy.
    • Store in a pouch or wrap in a clean cloth in a safe, dry place to prevent accidents and damage.
    • Do not sharpen pinking shears by reworking the zigzag profile of the teeth; a simple edge grinding is sufficient.
    • Blades should be sharpened if they do not cut evenly from pivot point to tip. Check Yellow Pages for professional sharpeners

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