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Surprising Pillow Insert Differences

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Pillows do so much more than just offer healthy support for your head and neck while you sleep or slouch on the couch. The best throw pillows make a statement, by adding a pop of color or texture to any room and transforming its look and feel immediately.



A good throw pillow can bring a room together, acting as the perfect finishing touch. Having the right throw pillow insert is vital to a great looking decorative pillow. We recommend inserts that are at least two inches larger than the cover. Continue reading to learn more.

What size insert should I get for my throw pillow cover? 

If you have an 18" by 18" throw pillow cover, use a 20" x 20" pillow insert. This ensures the corners are well filled.

If you have the right pillow insert this will make your pillows look plump and gorgeous. Having an insert which is too small, will make the pillow cover look droopy.

The exceptions to this rule is as follows:

  • Lumbar pillows and pillows smaller than 18" by 18" square - work best with inserts that are around an inch larger instead of two inches larger.
  • Extra large pillows such as 24" by 24", 28" by 28" and larger floor pillows work well with inserts which are three to four inches larger than the cover.

Types of Throw Pillow Cores Inserts

    • Feather Down: Feathers provide firmness, weight, body and support. Down provides softness and comfort. Feather down inserts will hold a "karate chop". 
    • Poly Soft: It's a soft, resilient, bouncy, slick polyester. It holds it shape very well for most throw pillow inserts. Ideal for a throw pillow. 
    • Perma Soft: Conjugated-slick polyester fiber, extremely soft, very bouncy, light, and very resilient. Smoother than the Poly Soft, and more durable. Ideal for a throw pillow, floor pillow and will withstand frequent use.  As a non-woven fabric cover, this is a great choice for outdoor pillows because this type of material does not promote the growth of mold and bacteria.  
    • Alternative To Down: This is the closest imitation to down there is. It is intended for people who want the feel of synthetic down, but are allergic to real down (this can also be used as an outdoor pillow insert with the non woven cover).
    • Ply-a Fiber: This polyester fiber is very soft, but has no bounce. It is a heavy pillow which will stay limp, making it easy to karate chop keeping it's V shape.

    I'm confident these tips will be helpful when selecting the insert for your gorgeous throw pillow cover collection. 

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