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Quilting Basics

Quilting basics will take us back to the basics of quilting by doing a sampler quilt in colour of your choice.

We will be starting out with simple blocks moving to harder blocks as we progress. The whole point, being to learn and increase our skills as we go. 

You will also learn how to use the blocks in an all over design, mixing and matching, large and small. You can use some quilt blocks as borders for your quilt or to make up other projects. 

You can do this using one needle or multiple needles. In this type of felting, it is a dry method as the word roving is never used wet.

Patterns and notes will be given out each lesson

Learning skills

You will learn how to perfect your straight stitching
- Machine and hand stitching
- Basics of colour and how to choose them
- Getting your points to meet correctly with precision cutting
- Appliqué and more



-Lap quilt - queen size
- Total number of blocks are between 20-30,
   depending on your chosen size 
of quilt
- Each block will take 1 lesson and some could need completing at home

What to bring

  • Sewing machine
  • Replacement needles 
  • Fabric (Can be purchased from Miss Marples Shop)
  • Thread to match 
  • Small scissors
  • Rotary cutter
  • General sewing supplies 
  • Unpicker

All items can be purchased from the Miss Marples craft shop if required or a beginner kit can be made up for you if this is your very first time.

Kits need to be ordered by the 27th of April so they can be ready for class the following week.