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Ribtex Suede Thonging 2mm x 4m
Ribtex Suede Thonging 2mm x 4m
Ribtex Suede Thonging 2mm x 4m

Ribtex Suede Thonging 2mm x 4m

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     Ribtex Suede Thonging 2mm x 4m

    Suede thonging, also known as suede cord or lace, is a popular material for jewelry stringing. It is a type of soft, flat, and flexible cord made from suede leather. This material adds a rustic and natural look to jewelry designs. Here are some considerations and tips for using suede thonging for jewelry stringing:

    1. Softness and Texture:

      • Suede thonging is chosen for its soft and supple texture, making it comfortable to wear.
      • The material has a textured surface, providing a unique and natural appearance to jewelry.
    2. Colors and Thickness:

      • Suede thonging comes in various colors, allowing you to choose the one that complements your jewelry design.
      • It is available in different thicknesses or widths, providing options for various types of jewelry projects.
    3. Versatility:

      • Suede thonging is versatile and can be used for a variety of jewelry designs, including necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and even earrings.
      • It pairs well with various beads, pendants, and charms, creating a bohemian or casual look.
    4. Knotting and Bead Stringing:

      • Suede thonging is great for knotting techniques. You can create adjustable closures using knots or add decorative knots for a textured effect.
      • It can be used for stringing beads directly, especially with larger-holed beads. Consider using beads with larger holes to accommodate the thickness of the suede thonging.
    5. Finishing Techniques:

      • To finish suede thonging ends, you can tie knots, use cord ends or glue-on findings, or wrap the ends with wire for a more polished look.
      • Adding clasps or closures can make your jewelry piece more functional and adjustable.
    6. Care and Maintenance:

      • Suede is a natural material, and while it adds a lovely texture, it may be more prone to wear over time compared to synthetic materials.
      • Avoid exposing suede thonging to excessive moisture, as it may affect the texture and color. Store your jewelry in a dry place when not in use.
    7. Combining Materials:

      • Consider combining suede thonging with other materials like metal chains, leather, or silk cord to create a more eclectic and layered look.

    When working with suede thonging, it's a good idea to experiment with different knots, beads, and finishing techniques to achieve the desired look for your jewelry project. This versatile material allows for creativity and personalization in your designs.