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Vliesofix Bondaweb

Vliesofix Bondaweb

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    Vliesofix Bondaweb

    Vliesofix Bondaweb, often referred to simply as Bondaweb, is a type of double-sided adhesive web used in sewing and crafting. It's commonly used for appliqué work, where fabric shapes are adhered to a base fabric to create decorative designs.

    Here's how it typically works:

    1. Preparation: Begin by selecting the fabrics you want to use for your appliqué design. You will need your main fabric (the one you're attaching the appliqué to) and your appliqué fabric (the one you're cutting shapes out of).

    2. Cutting: Cut out your desired shapes from the appliqué fabric. You can draw the shapes directly onto the paper side of the Bondaweb, or you can draw them on your fabric and then iron the Bondaweb onto the wrong side of the fabric before cutting. Make sure you're cutting slightly larger than your desired final shape to account for any trimming needed.

    3. Application: With the paper side facing up, place the Bondaweb onto the wrong side of your appliqué fabric. Then, using a dry iron (no steam), press the Bondaweb onto the fabric using a medium heat setting. Follow the instructions on the Bondaweb packaging for the recommended ironing time.

    4. Peeling: Once the Bondaweb has cooled down, carefully peel off the paper backing. You should now have a fabric piece with adhesive on one side.

    5. Positioning: Place the appliqué fabric onto your main fabric in the desired position. The adhesive side should be facing down onto the main fabric.

    6. Fusing: Once you've positioned your appliqué pieces, cover them with a damp cloth and press with a hot iron. Again, follow the instructions on the Bondaweb packaging for the recommended ironing time and temperature.

    7. Finishing: Allow your project to cool completely before handling. Once cooled, the appliqué pieces should be securely fused to the main fabric.

    Bondaweb provides a strong, permanent bond between fabrics, making it ideal for appliqué projects and other fabric crafts. It's widely available in craft stores and online, and it comes in different widths to suit various project sizes.